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Living meme Gemma Collins has been a bit quiet as of late.

Last year you couldn't move for The GC (that's what she calls herself) related content, which arguably peaked when she fell off the stage at the Radio One Teen Awards.

We haven't heard much from The Only Way Is Essex star since then. A possible reason for that is that she has been writing a new book.

Titled The GC: How To Be A Diva, Gemma has been busy on the PR trail promoting her latest piece of literature.

However, it appears that not every journalist that has spoken to Gemma about the book has been sent a copy of it, as evident by a rather spectacular interview that she conducted with Celebs Now.

The publication had yet to be sent a copy of the book, but as it always is with these kinds of interviews, the journalist was given a brief and usually if you know enough about the interviewee you can muddle through and get by.

However, when 37-year-old Gemma discovered that the magazine hadn't been sent a copy, the interview started to go downhill, very, very fast.

When an interview goes a bit awry, you can either scratch it off as a missed opportunity or attempt to fix it with a heavy bit of editing.

Or you could just do exactly what Celebs Now did and publish it exactly as it happened in full.

Thanks to Scott Bryan from BuzzFeed and Claire Rutter from The Metro for sharing this magic on social media.

Here are a few of our personal highlights.

CN: "So tell me about your book. How did it come about?"


Have you read it, hun?

CN: "No I haven't I'm afraid."


OK, so you’re doing this interview without having done any research or read the book or anything?

Gemma is then reminded by her personal PR that not everyone has received a copy of the book but they will have been briefed on the general gist of it.

To which Gemma replies:

Oh, have you been briefed on the book, hun?

To which journalist Hayley Minn says 'yes'.

The interview then seems to be getting back on track as Gemma explains that the book was inspired by a similar book of quotes by Kim Kardashian.

Then it begins to descend again with this question.

CN: And what kind of advice do you have in there?

Erm… have they given you any stuff from the book?

Then you would know… It’s going to be hard to do this if you don’t know.

Basically, it’s a real fun, fun, fun guide to life and being the best version of you.

Then it gets really, really bad.

Gemma turns again to her PR to complain that Hayley can't do the interview properly if she hasn't received the book.

The PR then asks Hayley if any more of her questions are about the book.

She says: "They weren't about the book specifically."

Gemma then abruptly calls an end to the interview.

OK, so this was meant to be about the book. Basically, any of the interviews have to be about the book; anything else isn’t relevant.

Darling, don’t worry, we’re going to get the book publishers to send everyone doing an interview the book. Thank you, bye!​

Perhaps she was just having a bad day, but fair play to Celebs Now for publishing the interview.

This is the kind of internet gold that even The GC would approve (if she wasn't the one on the other end of the joke).

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