People are putting up 'Strong and stable my arse' signs up across London

left: IamJamesBrian/Twitter, centre: Emma Forage/Facebook, right: BrianPMurphy/Instagram

ICYMI, Theresa May has called an election on June 8.

She wants to be elected as Prime Minster, and she wants you to think she's strong and stable.

She's said this a few times, in fact, it's pretty much all she's said in the campaign.

However, it appears someone disagrees that she's going to be a 'strong and stable' leader.

An anonymous artist is guerilla campaigning and putting up "Strong and stable my arse" signs up all over London.

They've been spotted in Camden

In Soho



Kentish town

And also Peckham.

They're pretty much everywhere

Not all heroes wear capes.

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