The Sun tried to spoof a Tory WhatsApp full of 'Brexit banter' and it's the worst thing ever


The Sun really love the Tories. Like, a lot.

Seriously, they’re kind of obsessed with them…

The newspaper has made no secret that it wants a huge majority for Boris Johnson in the upcoming general election.

But now The Sun has gone to new extremes.

Taking to social media, The Sun has posted a spoof WhatsApp between senior Tories including Michael Gove, Priti Patel, Sajid Javid and Boris Johnson. The prime minister’s partner Carrie Symonds also makes an appearance.

It’s not exactly clear why the video exists as it doesn’t promote any particular policy. It starts off talking about Black Friday and continues by making political “banter” about things that have happened over the last few years in British politics.

In particularly cringe moments, the chat even simulated flirting between Johnson and Symonds, with the PM referring to his fiancée as “snugglebum”.


The group are then seen encouraging Boris Johnson to pull “a sickie” to avoid his interview with Andrew Neil, following reports that Johnson is likely to swerve a 30-minute sit down with the BBC journalist.

On Twitter, people were confused by the bizarre video.

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