Former MP hilariously pokes fun at his own campaign material after losing his seat

Former MP hilariously pokes fun at his own campaign material after losing his seat

The Tories' overwhelming victory at the general election was possibly the biggest shock since Donald Trump ascended to the presidency in 2016.

Seats across the country that were once red or yellow turned blue, giving the Tories their biggest majority since the days of Margaret Thatcher.

The impact of the result is still being digested by some, but despite everything, there is always a chance to have a joke at the state of things.

Even former MPs are laughing at their own misfortune, which is reassuring in these trying times. Possibly the best response to the whole debacle came from Gavin Shuker, the former MP for Luton South.

He was a former member of the Labour party before leaving in February to form Change UK. He stint with that group was short-lived and he wound up running as an independent in general election.

That didn't go too well for Shuker, as he came third behind Conservative candidate Parvez Akhtar and eventual winner, Rachel Hopkins of Labour.

Prior to the election Shuker, seemed pretty confident about his chances, distributing a leaflet that contained a dubious bar chart pitting himself way ahead of 'everyone else.'

We can't be entirely sure how much research Shuker put into this graphic but people were more than happy to mock him for his 'two horse race.'

However, despite the mockery, we have to give Shuker some credit as he came back with the perfect reply to the jokes after being soundly beaten in the election.

Adding another conclusive chart to his resume, Shuker merely switched the outcome of the 'two-horse race' to show that he didn't even come close to winning.

Sometimes you just have to sit back and appreciate someone taking a very funny dig at themselves, even if did result in them effectively losing their own job and it seems that most of Twitter agrees.

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