This typo in a Lib Dem election leaflet is so bad it's good

This typo in a Lib Dem election leaflet is so bad it's good

Whenever there is a general election, there can be all sorts of slip-ups and tiny mistakes in campaign material.

All parties have fallen victim to minor misunderstandings and not fully grasping every single fact in their manifesto.

However, typos (which anyone can be guilty of) can often be tragically hilarious. Just ask Donald Trump.

A Liberal Democrat campaign leaflet distributed in Cumbria, which has been shared online by Ana Oppenheim, sees the anti-Brexit party promise to deliver:

£100 billion to tackle climate emergency, boosting renewable energy and insulting every home.

Yes, you read that correctly, "insulting every home."

They clearly meant to write "insulating every home" which is an easy error to make but seeing it actually written down is way funnier than it should be.

The image of the leaflet and it's glaring yet hilarious typo have gone viral and there are so many jokes.

This is just the latest in a series of leaflet-based-slip-ups for the Lib Dems.

Last week the party were criticised for distributing campaign material that looked like local newspapers.

They were also heavily scrutinised for a dubious poll about Jacob Rees-Mogg's seat in North East Somerset.

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