The Lib Dems are so desperate for support that they're literally trying to round up anyone wearing yellow

Sirena Bergman@SirenaBergman
Wednesday 04 December 2019 12:30

This is a public service announcement – for the love of all things good and kind please no one wear yellow until after the election.

Apparently doing so will put you at risk of inadvertently becoming a Lib Dem supporter. Obviously.

At least according to Tory-turned-Lib Dem Sam Gyimah, who, for no reason we can begin to comprehend, seemed desperate to see a Melania Trump endorsement where there was... a coat.

Bafflingly, he also seemed confused about the name of his new party, and thinks "libdem" is all one word. What is a libdem, you ask? No clue. Answers on a postcard please.

Some people responded by just tweeting yellow stuff at him, which seems appropriate.

But looking more closely at the colour scheme, it's possible Gyimah read the signs all wrong.

Melania Trump has yet to confirm whether she has any thoughts on the election at all, which is probably for the best given no one was impressed by her husband's un-called-for intervention yesterday.

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