Lord Buckethead is now calling himself Count Binface and he's just released this incredible campaign video


In 2017, one “Lord Buckethead” made the news for running against Theresa May in the general election.

The upcoming general election has seen Buckethead making a comeback – as Count Binface, due to complicated copyright issues.

The “official” Lord Buckethead is also still running, making things very complicated for everyone involved and perhaps jeopardising anyone’s chances of unseating Boris Johnson in Uxbridge and South Ruislip.

Still, undeterred, Count Binface has released a campaign video in which he’s explained his position through dance and song.

Dancing through his constituency, the video also sees Binface high-fiving with locals. He seems to be a hit, despite the impromptu name change.

“My bucket’s gone but I’ve returned, to challenge for this crown,” he sings, “together we’ll bring Bonking Boris down!”

Pretty catchy, but he does have fewer followers than the official Buckethead... perhaps he'll give him namesake a retweet.

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