A Question Time audience member received a round of applause after savaging the Tories for disregarding the working class for a full decade.

Directly addressing the chairman of the Conservative party, James Cleverly, the man felt that Brexit is simply a distraction technique, all smoke and mirrors when the problems are more deep-rooted. He said:

The problems have got nothing to do with Brexit, the problems have been inflicted by the Tories for the last ten years.

You've treated the working class with disregard for 10 years and you're using Brexit as a tool. It's a scapegoat.

The audience members were clearly impressed, not least because there is a very real sense that Brexit has become the only issue of import while other issues are entirely ignored or neglected.

The internet was divided but when is it not?

Some people disagreed because such things are never unanimous.

That's right, apparently, it's still Labour's fault despite not being in power for a decade.

HT Mirror

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