BBC audience member believes his £80k salary isn't in the 'top 50 per cent' in bizarre rant against Labour

BBC audience member believes his £80k salary isn't in the 'top 50 per cent' in bizarre rant against Labour

BBC Question Time is always an odd and confusing hour of television where common sense and intelligent debate momentarily evaporate from anyone who steps foot on the set.

This includes audience members who probably arrive with good intentions but those soon disappear when they start talking a politician about something they disagree with.

Sometimes you can get a thought-provoking rant but other instances can see someone completely embarrass themselves on live television, which is exactly what happened last night.

The episode which was taking place in Bolton, saw an audience member lash out at the Labour's taxation plans, which had only just been unveiled in the manifesto hours before the show aired.

Speaking to Labour candidate Richard Burgon, the man was clearly furious about Labour's proposal to raise income taxes for those earning within the top five per cent.

I would like to call Labour out as liars. I am one of them people he will tax more and I am nowhere near in the top five so I am calling you a liar.

That 5% is a lie, I am nowhere near that and you are going to tax me as an employee. You are not going after the billionaires, you are going after the employees because its easy money and I have no choice because its PAYE.

A confused Burgon, responded to the man's accusations, reassuring him that unless he was in the top five per cent then he wasn't going to see an increase in tax under a Labour government.

The Leeds East candidate said:

You are mistaken - we are not going to raise income tax apart from those in the top 5 per cent of earners. And that's why we're not going to increase your income tax.

However, the man didn't relent and his misjudged rant only become more perplexing.

You are - I have read your policy and its above £80,000. I am nowhere near the top 5% - I'm not even in the top 50%.

Sensing that something was getting lost in translation, host Fiona Bruce stepped in and asked the man how much he earned a year and indeed it was above £80,000.

At this point, you can begin to hear grumbles in the audience but the man continues to protest that he is not in the so-called top five per cent and that every doctor and solicitor in the country earns more.

The man also added that "the top 5 per cent don't even work because they're rich," which is quite a statement.

The moment has since been shared on Twitter by Question Time and many users are completely baffled at the man's argument against Labour's policy.

Under a Labour government tax charges will be applied to the 45p additional rate for those earning more than £80,000-a-year. This currently only applies to those earning more than £150,000-a-year.

Therefore if Labour are elected, this man would only have to pay an extra £50 in tax for every £1000 that he earns over the £80,000 threshold, which in the grand scheme of things isn't a huge amount of money for someone on such a salary.

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