Comedian Russell Howard is known for not holding back when it comes to his political views.

In The Russell Howard Hour, the star doesn't shy away from the biggest news stories of the week and this week he inevitably focused on the general election campaign.

Howard posted a hilarious video mocking James Cleverly after the Tory Party chairman (and graph expert) defended the doctoring of a video of Labour’s Keir Starmer earlier this week.

A few days ago on Twitter, the Conservatives posted a doctored video of Starmer’s appearance on Good Morning Britain.

The following day, Cleverly defended the video during several media appearances (but notably not with Kay Burley on Sky News, as we all saw earlier this week).

Howard decided to give Cleverly a taste of his own medicine by posting a compilation video.

The edited Cleverly says:

Our prime minister is confused, unrealistic and full of waffle. Boris Johnson will fail. I would suggest, we want to, get Brexit badly wrong.

It is completely obvious we’re gonna go round in circles, we want to make people’s lives come with a huge amount of hurt and pain. We are sh*t.

On Twitter, people found the video hilarious.


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