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Conservative MP and the attorney general Geoffrey Cox made an inadvertent gaff on Twitter that has nothing to do with Brexit, and British Twitter is having a much-needed laugh at his expense.

The Tory MP for Torridge and West Devon criticised the Daily Telegraph reporting on the Irish backstop, which he called inaccurate.

But people on Twitter are being tickled by something else.

He wrote: “The DT reporting of the last 24 hours consists of misunderstood fag ends dressed up as facts. Some of it is accurate, much more of it isn’t and what is not is far more significant than what it is. Complex and detailed negotiations cannot be conducted in public.”

It was the following line that made people giggle:

Get Outlook for iOS.


It seems like Cox copied an email into Twitter...

The jokes ensued.

Some came in Star Wars flavours...

...others in unicorn...

...and others in meme.

For his part, Cox handled the joke well. In response to a person suggesting he get a proofreader for tweets, he responded:

Good idea.

It kind of reminds you of the time Ed Balls searched for his own name on Twitter and accidently tweeted it out.

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