George Michael's 13 most generous acts

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Tuesday 27 December 2016 10:00
(Picture: Sean Gallup/Getty )

Singing, song-writing legend George Michael passed away on Christmas Day at the age of 53, and the world continues to mourn his death.

Since his death, British charities and individuals have revealed how the performer secretly donated millions of pounds.

Here are 13 of his most giving moments:

1. George Michael gave a woman on Deal or No Deal £15k for IVF treatment.

2. George Michael once gave a stranger £25k to pay for her debts, after he overheard her crying in a café.

3. George Michael worked in a homeless shelter, anonymously, for years.

4. George Michael set up a Trust giving grants to support rights of disabled children and adults.

5. George Michael sent free tickets to hospital workers after they treated him for pneumonia

6. George Michael played a free Christmas concert for NHS nurses in memory of the support his mother got when she was suffering from cancer.

7. George Michael let David Baddiel use Faith for “almost nothing” in The Infidel.

8. George Michael donated all the royalties from Wham! Last Christmas/Everything She Wants to Ethiopian famine relief

9. George Michael purchased John Lennon’s 'Imagine' piano in 2000, for £1.67m so people could see it, and then handed it over to the Beatles Story museum.

10. George Michael gave the proceeds from Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me to children and Aids charities.

11. George Michael once tipped a barmaid £5k because she was a student nurse in debt.

12. George Michael gave Sports Relief £50,000 after comedian David Walliams swam the channel.

13. George Michael supported 28 charities, including a number of children's charities, including Barnardo’s and War Child.

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