German waxwork of The Queen is bald underneath hat to avoid extra upkeep costs

German waxwork of The Queen is bald underneath hat to avoid extra upkeep costs
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A German waxwork museum gave a behind-the-scenes look at their renovations and revealed that the Queen's waxwork does not have any hair underneath her hat - and people are freaked out by the image.

The Panoptikum based in Hamburg noted the lack of locks on top of the monarch's head is due to the cost of the hair - so it's not an aesthetic decision, (phew.)

"As we are using real human hair for our waxworks which is very expensive, some figures which have hats don't have complete hair," Dr Susanne Faerber, managing partner of the museum told Daily Mail.

"We just install the amount of hair which is visible for the visitors."

In photos shared to the museum's Facebook page, the waxwork of the Queen is wearing a pink hat, where her hair can be seen coming out and of course, the hat is matching the pink dress she is sporting.

As part of the annual renovations, the museum is closed as the wax figures are cleaned, with their hair and clothes washed along with any necessary repair work such as fixing scratches.

A completely bald Queen can be seen in another photo (not words we thought we'd ever say) as the royal waxwork gets vacuumed.

Dr Faerber, is also in the photocall, as she lifted up the Queen's hat to reveal the bald head and in another, she combed the waxworks' silver curls.

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When asked if she thought displaying the 95-year-old's waxwork with a bald head (even if temporarily) was disrespectful or offensive to the monarch or fans of hers, Dr Faerber shared her thoughts.

"It is a waxwork, not the real person, this should always be kept in mind," she said.

"Besides, the position of Her Majesty is in Germany different than the handling of the royal family in Great Britain, where the press have to be more sensitive dealing with them."

Understandably, the images have caused quite the reaction online people on Twitter share how they will "never unsee this" photo.

The Panoptikum is home to a variety of recognisable figures (120 of them) including Donald Trump, Angelina Jolie, Pope Benedict XVI, Greta Thunberg, and former German chancellor Angela Merkel.

Don't worry though, the Queen's waxwork hat - and hair- will soon be placed back on her head as the renovations have been completed and the museum reopened to the public today (27 January).

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