The German word for 'Withdrawal Agreement Bill' is typically unpronounceable

Oscar Wilde once said 'Life is too short to learn German', which has always been taken as an insult against our European cousins, but perhaps he simply meant that the words would take longer than a human life span to learn. We only say that because the German word for 'Withdrawl Agreement Bill' has been revealed, and obviously, it's Austrittsvertragsratifizierungsgesetz. Just 37 letters long.

The irony that something seemingly unachievable is also almost completely impossible to say has certainly not been lost on the Internet.

At this point we have to take what we can when it comes to poking fun at Brexit, so... great work there Germany.

This week, Boris has requested the EU for an extension on the date of the UK leaving the EU, as well as now pushing for a December election. Do try and keep up.

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