<p>Trump may have a new alternative to his old social media stomping grounds</p>

Trump may have a new alternative to his old social media stomping grounds


It seems Donald Trump and his supporters are once again trying to build up a loyal fanbase on a social media, with the ex-president’s team setting up a brand new platform called GETTR.

The site, which soft-launched on Thursday, is billed as an alternative to the Big Tech giants, which have famously snubbed the former POTUS.

Trump was permanently banned from Twitter following the US Capitol insurrection on January 6, while Facebookhanded him a suspension which will now last until January 2023.

It isn’t yet clear if it marks the realisation of the MAGA commander-in-chief’s long-held promise to offer fans their own media haven, or just another attempt to thumb a nose at the main platforms.

For starters, Trump himself isn’t yet signed up to the app.

“The former president is going to make his own decision. It’s certainly there and ready for him should he make the decision – we would welcome that. There is an account reserved for him and waiting for him, but that’s a decision for him to make,” a person involved with the app told POLITICO.

The outlet reports that Jason Miller, Trump’s former spokesman, is in charge, of the new venture with ex-campaign spokesperson Tim Murtaugh on board as a consultant.

According to the site, GETTR’s mission statement is all about “fighting cancel culture, promoting common sense, defending free speech, challenging social media monopolies, and creating a true marketplace of ideas”.

Essentially, it aims to go against the monopoly, by competing against Silicon Valley brands such as Facebook and Twitter. We’ve heard that one before.

And for those wondering where the name comes from, it’s apparently a portmanteau of the words ‘Getting Together’. Truly inspired wordplay there.

GETTR is currently in beta, and is due to officially launch on Sunday.

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