Trump shuts down blog weeks after launch as he slides toward online irrelevance
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Former President Donald Trump’s blog appears to be no more.

He set up a page on his site called From the Desk of Donald J Trump in early May, which was basically a feed of thoughts. However as of Wednesday, attempts to reach the page are re-directed.

According to CNBC, Jason Miller, who is Trump’s senior aide, said that the blog “will not be returning” and was a means to broaden the “efforts” they “are working on.”

When asked via a tweet on Wednesday about whether or not this is the beginning of Trump joining another platform, Miller responded, “Yes, actually, it is. Stay tuned!”

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Trump was banned from Facebook and Twitter after the rioters stormed Capitol Hill on January 6 in the wake of him perpetuating falsehoods that the election was stolen from him.

For years, Trump’s advisors and supporters accused media giants of bias and censorship, and he clearly believed he could make an end-run around their ban.

Although there were no comments on there, it allowed Trump to speak to his supporters directly, similar to a Twitter feed. There were also social media share buttons that allowed Trump’s loyal supporters to share his content easily.

But ultimately, Trump’s blog didn’t come close to the engagement he had on the previously mentioned platforms. And according to BuzzSumo data, the blog only had tens of thousands of shares, compared to his behemoth Twitter feed that once set the news agenda.

In early May, Miller noted that ‘From the Desk of Donald Trump’ was a “great resource” for people to find Trump’s “latest statements,” although he insisted it wasn’t intended to be a new social media platform.

Before his social media ban in January, Trump had more than 88.7 million followers on Twitter and 32.8 million on Facebook.

Since leaving the White House on January 20, Trump hinted at running for commander-in-chief again in 2024. He also made appearances at events such as the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in February and only participated in interviews with media outlets he feels are friendly.

Indy100 reached out to representatives from Trump’s team for comment, but we’ve had no response yet.

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