'Ghost hunter' found dead in abandoned church

'Ghost hunter' found dead in abandoned church

A 22-year-old French woman was found dead in an abandoned church after reportedly embarking on a ghost-hunting trip.

According to police in La Salle, the woman who has not yet been named, was discovered in northern Italy’s Aosta Valley over the weekend.

She allegedly told her family she was planning on visiting a haunted location.

Investigators believe she may have been participating in a viral ghost-hunting challenge, as per reports.

Many theories are said to surround the woman's death. One of which is the possibility of a social media stunt gone wrong. Authorities are reportedly investigating other theories including a "consented murder".

When a local found the woman's body, she was said to have no paperwork or phone on her.

A woman and a male companion had been spotted in the neighbourhood dressed "like vampires," a spokesperson said. The witness told police she appeared to be a "walking corpse".

Autopsy results revealed the woman had been stabbed with a camping knife. Medical examiner Roberto Testi reportedly confirmed two gunshot wounds to the neck and one to the abdomen – though investigators believe these were inflicted post-mortem.

Police also noted that some of the blood at the crime scene had been deliberately moved.

Indy100 reached out to La Salle police for comment

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