Blues bar accuses Hamilton star of 'using the race card' after viral tweet called the venue out for racial profiling

A London blues bar has accused Hamilton star Giles Terera of “using the race card” after he tweeted about a group of black actors being refused entry to the venue.

Ain’t Nothin’ But... blues bar in Soho made the comment in a Facebook post, which was a response to Terera’s tweet on Friday.

In the same post, it also claimed that the group tried to "intimidate the staff", but offered no further information as to how or why.

He claimed that he and a group of eight black actors were “racially profiled” and “refused entry” – despite 10 white people being allowed in “unchecked”.

The Facebook post says that the group was not refused entry, but rather that some of the actors were not served at the bar because they didn’t have ID on them.

It goes on to say:

Just because the next group happened to be white, they were a different age group, so were served.

We assume they mean it wasn’t just because the next group was white...

They also said some of their best friends are black so they can’t possibly be racist. Sort of.

We have regular customers, and staff, who are black. It makes no difference to us what colour people are.

Good to know.

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