Plenty of reckless kids take their parents’ cars on joy rides, but not many of them can barely reach their feet to the pedals.

Try telling that to a nine-year-old girl and her four-year-old sister who decided they would hijack their parents’ car to head off on a cross-country trip.

The children, from Utah, were determined to swim with dolphins on the California coast so seized their mum and dad’s keys while they were sleeping, police told KUTV.

The pair only woke up when officers called to tell them there had been a crash.

Fortunately, neither of the young joy-riders were injured when their vehicle collided with a tractor trailer in a Salt Lake City suburb.

They were wearing their seatbelts when they swerved into the path of the truck, whose driver also came out unscathed.

The girls set off on their ill-advised adventure from the city of West Jordan and made it over a local highway to West Valley City – around six to eight miles away.

Other drivers reported seeing a car driving erratically, and at one point bump into a pickup truck, but didn’t initially realise that a child was at the wheel.

The sisters told police that they had simply wanted to go to the beach.

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