The disgusting thing that's good for your relationship

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There are some things we can all agree should never see the light of day in a relationship.

Seeing each other use the bathroom, for example, has most likely spelled the end for many couples.

But research has found that there might be benefits to letting yourself go and passing wind in front of your loved on.

Last year, Mic surveyed 125 people and found that most people wait between two and six months before breaking the fart barrier, as it were.

Half admitted to farting in front of their partner, while a little over one fifth did the deed after just a few weeks, and a quarter waited between six months to one year.

Only seven per cent said they’d never farted in front of their partner.

One third said it was acceptable to start farting in front of your partner once you start having sleepovers.

But there are some gender discrepancies here: 73 per cent of those waiting for their partner to make the first move were women.

But overall, the consensus of the study was that farts are a sign of a comfortable relationship.

One respondent, Mike, said:

Farts are just funny. Once you understand each other's sense of humour and you can relate on a more personal level, it becomes easier to deal with these funny natural occurrences.

Bringing it to light in a relationship is just a small hurdle.

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