Google maps sleuths spot ‘Nazi’ house at Berlin airport

Google maps sleuths spot ‘Nazi’ house at Berlin airport

Google Maps provides some extraordinary sights – and now, people are convinced they’ve spotted an old “Nazi house” at a major Berlin airport.

Reddit users were stunned after one person shared their discovery of a building randomly located at Berlin Schönefeld.

In hopes of getting answers, they quizzed: “Was browsing google maps and seen this in Berlin Schönefeld airport? Is this a house?”

Instead, people headed to the post equipped with spiralling theories.

“Could be an old administration/barracks building from WW2 for the Luftwaffe… I saw a similar designed building on airfield at Flugplatz Katterbach/Ansbach now repurposed for administration and a Kantine,” one suggested.

“Its weird situation smack in the middle of the old airport makes me think that this was a country estate manor way back when and the land was appropriated for the airport in the 30s,” another mused.

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A user claiming to be a past employee at Berlin Schönefel recalls being approached about the house. “Someone told me it was used as a police station. Indeed I remember seeing some police vehicles around, and parked there.”

“Really fascinating,” one said. “It’s not labelled at all on any of the new Brandenberg airport maps (that absorbed Shonefeld).”

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The house prompted others to go on a quest to try and solve the mystery– but was left disappointed. “All I can find is that this whole area of the old concourse area is now marked as ‘Government use’”, they said.

While another claimed it was the “Generals’ Hotel” – and they were correct.

Berlin Schönefeld airport told Indy100, the “Generalshotel” is located on the edge of the airport area, not in the middle of the runway as theorised. It belonged to the former Schönefeld airport, which is now part of the new airport BER.

The house-in-question was built after the end of the Second World War between 1947 and 1949.

“It was initially used to house senior officers (“generals”) of the Soviet Army, hence the name,” they said. “The Soviet Army had used Schönefeld Airport after the war.

A spokesperson described the house to be “lavishly decorated” with marble, travertine (limestone), fabric wallpaper, partially coloured coffered ceilings and equipped with chandeliers.

In 1961, the house fell into the possession of the GDR after the airfield was converted into a civil airport.

“Government flights were then handled via this building, and high GDR politicians prepared for their departures there in a dignified atmosphere,” they explained, adding that high state guests of the GDR also used the “hotel.”

After the Wall came down, the building initially stood empty, and now the Federal Police have moved in and still use it.

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