Graham Norton perfectly summed up British people's thoughts on Brexit

If you've been keeping up to date with Brexit negotiations, you'll be well aware that everything isn't exactly going 'swimmingly'.

The government is in chaos, companies are fleeing the British Isles in their droves and we are literally stock-piling food.

Elsewhere in Europe, everyone is having a good old chuckle at us stubborn Brits, and that includes the Irish and one of their most famous sons, Graham Norton.

The 55-year-old television presenter appeared on The Late Late Show on Ireland's RTE One television station

During his discussion with Ryan Tubridy in front of a live audience in London, he was asked to give his thoughts on Brexit and he replied with this brilliant analogy.

I shut my eyes. I do some deep breathing. There is a bloody-mindedness about it.

Some sort of Brexit is going to happen even though at this point everyone knows it's a bad idea. 

I do think that there is something very British about it.

'I said I was hungry enough to eat my foot, so I'm going to eat my foot.'

So come next year we are going to be having toes as an amuse-bouche.

The clip has already gone viral on Twitter and people are loving what Norton had to say.

Here at The Independent, we believe that the British public deserves a final say on the Brexit deal. If you agree please sign our petition here.

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