Singer Joy Villa wears 'Build the Wall' dress at Grammy's and people can't believe it

Singer Joy Villa wears 'Build the Wall' dress at Grammy's and people can't believe it

It was only a matter of time until the Grammys got political, but singer Joy Villa certainly kicked things off by arriving in a “Build the Wall” inspired dress, complete with brick print and barbed wire.

Villa, who is of Latino and African American descent, attended the 61st annual Grammys in Los Angeles yesterday wearing a long white gown with brick print, a barbed wire accessory that was wrapped around her back, a spiked headband and a red purse with the words “Make America Great again”. On the back of her dress, the infamous phrase “Build the Wall” was printed in red font.

In an interview on the red carpet, the 31-year-old explained her outfit choice by saying:

I believe in building the wall to protect our southern border. Not to keep people out, but protect the citizens of our country

I'm part Latina, I'm black and I believe in what the president is saying. This [the dress] to me is a representation of that in a very visual way and I always like making a statement

The singer, who in the past has stated that she is against abortion and illegal immigration, also took to Twitter to further defend her choice.

This is not the first time that Trump supporter Villa has chosen to make a political fashion statement on the red carpet, in fact, it's not even the first time that the popstar has turned up to the Grammys wearing a controversial outfit.

Last year, the singer wore a rainbow-coloured anti-abortion dress to the ceremony, which also depicted and unborn baby in the womb and in 2017 she wore a blue Make America Great Again gown that featured Donald Trump's name embellished along the back.

It comes as no surprise that the very bold and literal fashion statement from this years Grammy Awards has drawn quite a strong reaction online.

While some defended her outfit choice, praising her for being outspoken about her beliefs...

Others ripped into her, condemning her for taking it too far with her dress and questioning who she even is...

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