The story behind that grape meme taking over the internet


Memes can be strange out of context at the best of times, but this one about a grape having surgery is as odd as it gets.

It stems from a YouTube video from 2010 in which surgeons at Edward Hospital in Naperville, Illinois practised using surgical equipment on one of the small fruits.

The clip was shared by Instagram user SimpleDorito with the caption “they did surgery on a grape” written multiple times across it.

The image was reposted widely, spreading from Instagram to Reddit and then on to Twitter, where it suddenly became one of the most talked about memes and something even more bizarre.

The meme even spawned a dedicated Twitter account with the name “They Did” and handle @SurgeryOnA.

Naturally, the account simply posted the word “Grape” and was shared tens of thousands of times.

The grape also became entwined with other memes, such as the recent Don’t Say It meme and another of Donald Trump shouting at the White House.

The meme has even inspired horoscopes.

While some even created short scripts to shoe horn the grape surgery news.

And if you get confused the next time you read an abbreviation on social media, it might be the grape’s fault.

There’s not much left to say but they did surgery on a grape.

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