Green Book producers dedicated their Oscar win to Carrie Fisher and people are furious

People keep on finding new reasons to be annoyed about Green Book .

The Best Picture winner has been criticised for having an overly simplistic view of racism, or less generously, being a movie about racism made to make white people feel good.

And it's especially problematic that a film which sells itself on being a true story has also been condemned by the family of Don Shirley, the pianist who is the film's subject.

Now, the makers of Green Book have stepped into a new controversy – by dedicating the film’s Best Picture win to Carrie Fisher.

Dedicating an award to a beloved actor is usually a good call at the Oscars, but this one came with no explanation and viewers were caught off guard.

And because this is the internet, some people jumped to being ridiculously angry about it.

It's concerning that Fisher got a shoutout before Shirley and Victor Hugo Green – the man who wrote the Green Book that the film is named after.

So why did Fisher get a mention?

The answer is producer Charles B Wessler and Fisher knew each other for a long time – definitely as early as 1980, when he worked on Star Wars films as a production assistant.

Other people pointed out that Fisher and Wessler are apparently childhood friends.

So maybe people should lay off the producers this time.

Some people have said Fisher would never have liked Green Book , due to her reputation as a socially progressive person.

But it’s not necessarily fair to assume Fisher would have hated the film.

Although she’s a modern day saint who spoke passionately about feminism, ageism and mental health, there really isn’t much evidence of her campaigning on racism.

Fisher could have enjoyed the film and not really thought about the problems with its “white saviour” narrative, like many viewers did.

At the very least, Star Wars co-star Mark Hamill seemed happy with the shoutout.

Then again, Charles Wessler isn’t exactly the nicest guy in the film industry – according to this email he allegedly sent to a film critic who dared to criticise the film.

And he apparently sent a similar email to another critic.

So maybe we shouldn't feel too much sympathy for him.

Either way, we think we can all agree Green Book is definitely not the best film of the year.

HT: The Daily Dot

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