Guess what? Most Ukip supporters agree with Donald Trump

Last year we reported on a YouGov poll that found 46 per cent of Ukip voters do not believe human rights exist - at all.

So perhaps when it comes to Ukip nothing should have the capacity to surprise, and yet...

Donald Trump's call to prevent Muslims from entering the US has received near-universal condemnation, with even Ukip leader Nigel Farage saying the Republican presidential front-runner had "gone too far". He told BBC News:

I would expect people to say this, 'look – this is unreasonable, because what you would be doing is punishing a lot of very good people because of the actions of a few'.

The trouble is, Farage is not carrying his party, as one poll claims a majority of supporters agree with Trump.

YouGov questioned 4,608 UK adults on December 8. The UK result overall was:

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