What gynaecologists are really thinking when they examine you

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Have you ever wondered what a doctor or medical specialist is thinking while they examine you?

They are there to give you an accurate and professional diagnosis of your condition.

However, do you ever suspect that there might be some more personal thoughts on their mind.

Although it won't apply to everyone, a group of people claiming to gynaecologists have gotten together to reveal their thoughts when they are examining a woman's private parts.

They have joined forces on the confessions forum Whisperto anonymously share the anecdotes that race through their mind when at work.

It starts off on a rather sad note:

As soon as girls find out what I do they don't want to date me. I'm a gynaecologist.

People look at me weird when they find out I'm a gynaecologist.

Sometimes I hate being a gynaecologist. Patients can be so difficult.

Another long day being a gynaecologist. Starting a clinic is more tiring than expected.

There were plenty of positive messages:

Being a gynaecologist is exhausting. However, I feel happy when I help women.

I'm a male gynaecologist and I thoroughly enjoy my job.

They can be quite judgemental:

I'm an OBGYN...and today, in my clinic, I could smell a woman's 'odour' as I entered the room. So sad when people don't care for themselves.

I'm a gynaecologist. The teens today are out of control.

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Most male gynaecologists have a good understanding with their wives:

I'm a male gynaecologists. My wife supports it but also thinks it's weird knowing I spend my days at work looking at other women.

My wife hates it when I come home and tell her I was with several other women today but I'm a gynaecologist so she's very understanding.

They encounter some pretty risky contraceptive techniques:

I'm a gynaecologist and it seems like most younger women think that 'pulling out' is an effective form of contraception.

They even pretend to have different jobs:

When someone asks me what my job is I say I'm a private investigator but I'm actually a gynaecologist.

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They just want you to relax though:

I'm a gynaecologist and I wish my patients wouldn't be so shy around me just because I'm a male. I'm used to this.

I'm an OBGYN and I always try to comfort my patients first. Some ladies stress for days before their visit.

All I want is for them to leave thinking 'it wasn't as bad as I thought.'

After all, they hate visiting the gynaecologists just as much as you do:

I'm a gynaecologist and I hate going to the gynaecologist

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Update: This article was updated 5pm on 25.9.17.

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