Something very creepy happens to porn searches at Halloween


PornHub have released stats to show how people are using their website during Halloween and surprise, surprise costume themed porn is very popular.

The results published through PornHub's Insights page show that searches for "Halloween sex" soar by an incredible 3369 per cent, while "trick or treat" is up by 2582 per cent.

The costume angle proved to be the most popular overall with the vague sounding "costume fantasy" up 1925 per cent, "Halloween costume" 1844 per cent and "costume orgy" sitting at 1254 per cent.

More specific searches reported that users were looking for people dressed as dirty maids, witches, cats, bunnies and vampires on 31 October.

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Cosplay and popular culture influenced searches were also on the up.

According to Insider video game icons Lara Croft and Zelda, plus Batman villain Harley Quinn all appear to be prominent kinks.

We're not sure what Joker would have to say about that....

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PornHub also published data surrounding the time spent on the site on the night of Halloween by millennials.

Metro quote the free streaming site as saying:

Millennial traffic dips by 27 percent around 7pm when trick-or-treating is in full effect and remains below average until Midnight.

When the costumes finally come off, traffic shoots 15% above average around 3am.

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