Someone has been hiding these rebellious notes inside Harrods items

Joe Vesey-Byrne
Sunday 08 January 2017 16:15
Picture:(Lisa McKenzie/Twitter)

On Sunday, a note claiming that Harrods was mistreating its staff was placed in over 500 places in the London Harrods store.

In a post to Twitter by Lisa McKenzie, the details were outlined:

The message reads:

Harrods pinch 75% of their restaurant staff tips!!

Thw tips are intended for waiters, NOT the Qatari Royal family!

Stop stealing from your workers !!

It was numbered 12/500 and signed 'United Voices of the World' @UNnion.

The post follows the arrest of the head of the United Voices of the World Union (UVW) on Saturday night.

According the, the Metropolitan Police confirmed the arrest of a 47 year old man on suspicion of criminal damage.

In addition a 29 year-old male, a 26 year-old female, and a 32 year-old man were arrested on suspicion of common assault.

The UVW is a union that claims to predominantly represent migrant workers.

On Sunday it was announced that the chefs of the Harrods restaurant had been awarded a pay rise.

The press release from UVW reiterated the claim made on the hidden notes, regarding service charge police.

Indy100 has contacted Harrod's corporate services for comment.

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