The German police have clearly run out of patience with Twitter racists


The German police are just not having it with racist nonsense today.

Polizei Mannheim, the official Twitter handle of the Mannheim police force in Germany, posted this update about the recent Heidelberg attack...

Which Kareem Lailah helpfully re-posted with an translation in English.

A user, with the name 'Brexit means Brexit', decided to add their thoughts to this tragic loss of life:

FYI, the user has a bio that reads: "Anti-EU. Anti-Islamification. We need greater democratic powers to stop our imbecile politicians wrecking our lives. Pro-Trump Brit."

They probably weren't expecting the police force to get back in touch with this simple, but appropriate, question:

Now, Lailah may have had a point when he said:

However, with the amount of animosity on the internet nowadays, the police force may be forgiven for being a tad unprofessional today.


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