There's a new word for the one thing men do that's even more annoying than mansplaining

John Moore/Getty Images

Mansplaining, manspreading... The patriarchy problem has at least created some really catchy words to add to our ever expanding vocabulary.

Now there's another new creation for a situation that has so-far gone unnamed - though women everywhere will recognise it.

Hepeated: when a woman suggests an idea and it is ignored - but when a man repeats it, it is celebrated

Astronomer and professor Nicole Gugliucci shared the word with the world after her friends coined it.

Studies suggest that men dominate conversation during professional meetings. And apparently on Twitter too: men are retweeted more often than women.

It's safe to say, the Twitter community is overjoyed with the new vocab. Though perhaps Gucliucci might enjoy a few more retweets if she were a guy.

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