Here's the question that the new Lib Dem leader refused to answer

The new Liberal Democrats leader has only been in the hot seat for a few days, but he's already at the mercy of British media.

Tim Farron, who is a devout Christian, was asked repeatedly for his views on gay sex in an interview with Cathy Newman on Channel 4 news - and repeatedly declined to give his thoughts, saying only that "my firm belief is that we are all sinners".

Farron was asked the question about whether he thought gay sex is a biblical sin three times, as well as about his failure to vote for same-sex marriage and earlier statements on abortion.

Somebody who is a Christian does not then go enforcing their views on other people.

And it’s not our views on personal morality that matter, what matters is do we go out there and fight for the freedom of every single individual to be who they wish to be. That’s what makes a liberal.

Farron was also quizzed on his faith by John Humphreys on Radio 4's Today programme on Friday, who asked questions like, "Would you seek advice from God when it came to making important policy decisions?"

Farron replied that while he would ask God for advice, he wouldn't expect the heavens to "present the answer".

Giles Fraser, former Canon Chancellor of St Paul's Cathedral, told the i newspaper that Humphreys was guilty of a "form of sneering" because his questioning appeared to stem from the presumption that "religious people are not to be trusted" and "can't think properly".

Recent British political leaders who also had strongly held faiths include Tony Blair, a committed Catholic, although he largely avoided talking about his faith while in office, and Margaret Thatcher, who said that her Methodist upbringing had a deep influence on her politics.

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