Here's what it will take for David Cameron to stay in the EU

David Cameron met Angela Merkel at his country residence, Chequers, on Friday where it is reported he called on the German chancellor to do more to help Britain stay in the EU.

With the launch of a new "In" campaign on Monday, the prime minister will have to deliver a "good renegotiation", according to the Financial Times (£), in order to increase the chances of Britons voting to stay in the union come referendum time, while big hitters on Fleet Street are also demanding that he makes Eurosceptic changes before they announce their support for the "In" campaign.

Calls have also increased on the governments of Germany and France - the two biggest nations in the EU - to help the negotiations run smoothly if they want to avoid the risk of Britain leaving.

With diplomats being sent to Brussels in order to renegotiate those terms, the Sunday Telegraph has drawn up a plan revealed by "senior Cabinet sources" with four key factors that the prime minister wants in order to keep Britain in the EU:

  • Keeping Britain out of any future European "superstate" promised through an "explicit statement" from Brussels

  • Another "explicit statement" that the euro is not the official currency of the EU - in order to maintain the power of the pound and other national currencies

  • A new "red card" system that would allow national governments to veto EU laws being forced upon them

  • Restructuring the EU so that the nine states without the euro are not dominated by the 19 states that are

Cartoon: Independent on Sunday
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