What Russell Brand has to say about that Downing Street confrontation

Russell Brand has spoken out about his Downing Street confrontation with Channel 4 News reporter Paraic O’Brien.

The comedian-turned-activist was being interviewed about his support for the residents of the New Era estate, but the encounter turned sour after O’Brien asked Brand about his personal finances. The comedian told him "I'm not here to talk about my rent mate" and called O'Brien a "snide".

A day later, and Brand has this to say about the interview:

I shouldn't be allowed on television, because I get so easily wound up. What does it matter to me? What have I got to lose? But I'm [a] like volatile person. I was a drug addict for a long time because I feel very, very strong feelings.

In spite of me having an emotional reaction.. it was a wonderful day that shows what happens when a community comes together, supported by 300,000 people opposing government, media, ineffectual local councils and apathetic local councils. Victories can be won.

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