Naz Shah: Here's what the woman who defeated George Galloway plans to do next

Naz Shah has emerged victorious after what she describes as a nasty smear campaign against her during the general election by rival George Galloway, and says she is considering legal action against him for calling her a liar.

The newly elected Labour MP for Bradford West says she knew she had a fight on her hands when she was selected as the party’s candidate only two months ago. But she had little inkling of just how brutal the campaign would be.

In an exclusive interview with The Independent on Sunday, Ms Shah says the statements Mr Galloway made against her were completely untrue, and that she would be seeking legal advice.

Right now it’s not my priority; I really want to get my office up and running. But yes, it’s something I will do. I don’t want anybody to experience what I went through. I think that was a travesty.

  • Naz Shah

Mr Galloway’s spokesman denied the accusations strenuously, and claimed to have “further evidence” that Ms Shah had lied. He added: “George will certainly be pursuing Shah under the Representation of the People Act …. If Labour back Shah to launch a libel action [against] George he will vigorously defend it.”

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