The woman taking on George Galloway is going viral, for good reason

Naz Shah is the prospective parliamentary candidate for Labour in Bradford West - otherwise known as the woman taking on George Galloway.

Shah has now revealed more about her life story in an article for Bradford's Urban Echo that has gone viral - for good reason.

In it, Shah writes her mother went to prison after killing her abusive partner and how she herself was forced marriage when she was just 15 in Pakistan.

I remember the first day I visited my mother at Newhall Prison, when I left it was like leaving a crying child at nursery for the first time, I now became a mother to my mother. We lost the house, we lost everything and the moving around started all over again.

After campaigning with women's organisations, her mother's tariff was reduced but she served 14 years in prison. But what happened to her mother, Shah says, completely changed her outlook: She became a carer, an NHS commissioner and then a PPC as she as she wanted to change the world.

For me to be selected as a Prospective Parliamentary Candidate is not really about me, it’s the dream of my mother. I remember my mum saying 'Naseem I would be so happy if you became a prison governor as you could help women like me.'

When I did finally get home that night I was selected, my mother sat up in her bed and held me close whilst I cried. We cried together knowing that whilst my past and my present are the dreams of my mother and her inspiration for me, my future is about the dreams I have for my own daughter, she is my inspiration to bring change and equality for the world in which she is growing up in, the community we live in and the wider society.

And she said the experience means she will not give in to trolls, adding "every attack is a further indictment of why I must stand and challenge the status quo".

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