We all witnessed it at least once in school.

The popular kid that fell from grace after what we'd probably now consider to be a tiny mistake. We don't want to admit schadenfreude but, let's face it, we all had it a bit when this happened.

At my school one of the popular girls snogged another girl's boyfriend and it felt like the end of the world at the time. She was cast down the social ladder faster than you could say "Nobody will care about this in a month".

So it's no wonder that a Reddit thread about this exact topic has become extremely popular, with users commenting on the mistakes that lead to the demise of the King or Queen of their school, here are some of the best, do you have a better one?

1. He got a bad haircut, was teased for it an threw a temper tantrum. He literally stormed out in the middle of class. He lost his spot as king bully after that.

2. There was a girl that was THE popular girl in school. She had all the friends and even put out an album; she was a total star locally. One day we were taking standardized tests and she runs out of the room and doesn’t return.

When we left the class there was green diarrhea ALL over the floor just down the hall from the classroom. Poor girl didn’t make it to the bathroom in time. She didn’t return to school that school year and moved to another town/school completely after that.

She married a famous NFL player and is one of these Instagram ppl now so she bounced back from a shitty situation pretty well.

4. He got drunk and finger-b***** a sheep at an outdoor party. He spent the next 3 years as 'the sheep f***er'.

5. Crack. He and his couple friends started smoking crack senior year of high school. They got quarantined to themselves. Ran into one of them a couple weeks ago, he kept trying to get me back to their apartment to do meth.

6. She was hired to dogsit for a neighbour when they went out of town. She decided to take advantage of the empty house and throw a party at the neighbour's house that got out of hand. Neighbour's daughter also went to the school and had to deal with a messed up house. Pretty big deal and the popular girl never came back.

8. All popular kids in my school were complete dickheads that bullied others. This fella, King of the Hill, starts dating a girl from another school that was friends with one of the bullied kids. The kid told the girl what her boyfriend does in that school, so the girl threatened to break up with him if he didn't change his ways. He stopped socializing with the "cool" folks and started getting bullied by them, and none of the other kids wanted to warm up to him. He was a loner at school but he made his gf happy and he was happy.

9. Well, the popular girl at my school tried to ruin the life of a really sweet girl because of boyfriend drama. When she realized people were standing up for the sweet girl instead, she lost her mind. Accusing the other girl and her boyfriend of property damage, turning on anyone who didn’t “swear loyalty” (???) to her, turning people against one another, screaming at teachers, it was a mess.The nail in the coffin was when she confided to me and two others that she was planning to put laxatives in the pastries she baked for the class. Obviously I let people know, and she became completely ostracized. She left at the end of junior year, and senior year was the most chill year ever.

10. He was popular because he was a rebel that talked back to teachers, and insulted them openly. He became an outcast because he made the teacher everyone loved cry.

11. Sent his girlfriend's naked pics to the whole school

12. Guy got caught with a bunch of heroin in the trunk of his car, on school grounds and was over 18 as a senior. Never saw or heard about him after that, but I'm guessing it didn't go well for him.

13. He hooked up with two of his friends girlfriends. They ditched him after that.

14. There was a guy that was pretty popular, he got really drunk at a party and totally didn't know where he was. He pulled down his pants, squatted and totally started to poop. He moved away immediately. He was a senior and I was in 8th grade...that was well over 25 years ago. Well, he friended me on Facebook a couple months ago and I kinda recognized him...I racked my brain and it came to me...the guy who pooped at the party. Poor guy.

15. Somebody catfished him and was a short vid of him naked that went to a lot of people that most of us saw. Kinda felt bad for him but remembered hes an asshole.

16. Dude ate a pig's eye we were supposed to dissect for 2 bucks.

17. Got caught dealing crack beside a playground and then got busted holding someone in their house at gunpoint and went to prison.  Went to prison for like 9 years, got out.  His Facebook is half 'God redeemed me' shit and half 'I still deal drugs and carry guns' type shit. It's a classic American coming of age tale.

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