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For the uninitiated, the relationships.txt Twitter account is a literal directory of hilarious, outrageous, and downright shocking relationship content.

However, when the account shared an anecdote about a 31-year-old man who said he was trying to flirt with 19-year-old girls as a way to 'get back out there' after a breakup and was offended when he was called a 'predator', the internet swiftly clapped back. Oh, so did the girls he'd approached, too.

In a tweet, the account wrote:

AITA for flirting with 19 year old girls and defending myself when being called a predator.

Right, ok. The man originally posted the query on Reddit, however, he deleted the original post, leaving only the comments and responses. In the comment, he writes that he's angry he was called a 'predator':

It's f***** up to call me a predator, when we are all adults here. 

My buddy wanted to leave, but I stood my ground. 

However, in a twist in events, it turns out that the girls he actually approached also replied to the Reddit thread - and it goes without saying that they didn't hold back.

Our favourite line?

I'm tired of having to be polite to guys who are creepy and disrespectful.

You go, girl!

Twitter also had a lot to say about the man.

Some said that 30 isn't too much of an age gap, but that the man should have left them alone and that his behaviour was 'creepy'.

Word, ladies!

'Polite' creeps, we're so done with you.

Others reiterated the point that a no is a no.

Ladies, we stan.

And one summed it up.

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