Hillary Clinton wore little make-up for her speech - and everybody's talking about it

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On Wednesday night, Hillary Clinton made her first public appearance since her concession speech, after she lost the election to Donald Trump.

She was honest, she was moving - and she was uncustomarily fresh-faced.

Speaking in Washington, DC for the Children's Defense Fund, where she once worked after graduating from law school, Clinton appeared with noticeably less make-up than usual, and her hair not set in its familiar waves.

Introduced by the founder of the Fund as "the people's president", Clinton has access to innumerable beauticians, make-up artists and hair stylists, so this does seem to be a deliberate choice - and a statement.

Liberation? Sincerity? Exhaustion? Down with the patriarchy? A plea for sympathy?

An elegant comparison to an orange-faced buffoon?

Either way, it's got everybody talking on Twitter.

There was some mixed reaction:

Overall, though, the online response was generally one of applause.

But it's 2016, and the choice of any woman (or man) to wear/not wear make-up really shouldn't elicit any comment at all.

Especially, as this person points out, because Clinton has had something of a stressful year...

Indeed, her speech was incredibly honest about her pain.

I will admit, coming here tonight wasn't the easiest thing for me.

There have been a few times this past week when all I wanted to do is just to curl up with a good book or our dogs and never leave the house again.

But she did offer a message of hope for the watching world:

The divisions laid bare by this election run deep, but please listen to me when I say this: America is worth it, our children are worth it. Believe in our country, fight for our values, and never, ever give up.

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