We feel like we write this every week, but it has been quite a few days for Donald Trump as he continues to deny allegations tying him to Russia.

On Friday, the New York Times reported that in the days leading up to this dismissal of former FBI director James Comey, the FBI had begun investigating whether Trump had been working on behalf of Russia against American interests.

This prompted the president to go on an early morning rant on Saturday where he claimed that he had been far tougher on Russia than Barack Obama, George W Bush and Bill Clinton.

In the days since, Trump has continued to deny any collusion with the Russians, citing the fall in energy prices as proof and also feigning outrage when asked about Russia during an interview with FOX News.

This led to White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders echoing the president's words in a statement given to the New York Times and claimed that Comey was fired for being a "partisan hack".

This is absurd. James Comey was fired because he’s a disgraced partisan hack, and his deputy, Andrew McCabe, who was in charge at the time, is a known liar fired by the F.B.I.

Unlike President Obama, who let Russia and other foreign adversaries push America around, President Trump has actually been tough on Russia.

At this point, the last person that we expected to get involved in the debate was Trump's former election opponent, Hillary Clinton, but it's 2019 and, if the last three years has taught us anything, it's that literally anything can happen.

Low and behold, on Monday afternoon, the former first lady retweeted a video of her and Trump arguing during a 2016 debate over who was a 'Russian puppet' and responded with five simple words:

Like I said: A puppet

Such is the rarity of Clinton making such a savage put down on a public platform like Twitter, people began to lose their collective minds at the severity of the burn.

People also began apologising to Clinton and pointing out that she did warn us about this, which seems a little late to do.

Perhaps we're doomed to live in 2016 forever?

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