Son responds to his mum's #HimToo tweet, which went hilariously wrong


If you think you are having a bad day, spare a thought for Pieter Hanson, a Navy officer whose mother has managed to thoroughly embarrass him on Twitter.

In a now-deleted Tweet, Marla Reynolds praised her son for his life achievements and being a stand-up guy, but tagged an ill-advised attack on 'radical feminists' to the end of the message, along with the hashtag #HimToo.

She wrote:

This is MY son. 

He graduated #1 in boot camp. He was awarded to USO award.

He was #1 in school. He is a gentleman who respects women.

He won't go on solo dates to the current climate of false sexual accusations by radical feminists with an axe to grind.

I VOTE #HimToo

#HimToo is a recent movement adopted by supporters of Brett Kavanaugh, for men who identified as victims of sexual assault allegations, in the hope that it would become an inversion of #MeToo.

Predictably, Twitter had a field day with this tweet and it soon became a viral meme, mocking whatever #HimToo was supposed to stand for.

As the situation continued to escalate, Pieter's brother weighed in and explained what had happened, and it turns out that it's not true at all.

Speaking to Huffington Post, Jon explained why his mother posted the tweet and why his brother isn't dating anyone at the moment.

My mom has good intentions. But she wasn’t trying to be a proxy. She’s posted on Facebook about her single eligible sons and tried to get them dates many times over the years.

But she never spoke to my brother nor did he make any of those statements regarding sexual allegations. He’s actually a big supporter of women’s rights among other things.

An upstanding guy in the community and everyone that knows him loves him.

Part of the reason mom can’t understand why he’s single. But the real reason is he’s busy going to school full time, works 3 jobs (one as a volunteer) and is close to opening a new brewery business.

He’s a vet with an honourable discharge that received recognition by president Obama.

My brother is one of the finest human beings I know. He at first was very upset but is now taking it in stride and laughing about how mom went viral.

He is single. He does go on solo dates. And he’s not afraid of the current climate or sexual allegations. As his brother though I’m sure he wouldn’t mind a date out of this deep down haha. He really is a wonderful person.

Pieter, who was not previously on Twitter, has now set up his own account to say that he does not support #HimToo, respects women and that Twitter's 'meme game is on point'.

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