People are angry over the name of a trans character in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy trans character sparks backlash

The Harry PotterHogwarts Legacy game will officially be available this Friday (10 February), introducing the series' first transgender character.

But some people are offended by the character's name, with many believing it's insensitive.

The character, Sirona Ryan, was introduced on Monday (6 February) and worked at The Three Broomsticks pub in London.

Sirona also plays a vital role in the troll and goblin scenes within the game.

Sirona Ryan at The Three Broomsticks in 'Hogwarts Legacy'.Dan Allen Gaming/YouTube

Still, people online took issue with Sirona's name, pointing out that the name begins with "Sir" and the last name is Ryan, which can be deemed a masculine name.

They also pointed out that Harry Potter series author JK Rowling created previous characters like Cho Chang and Kingsley Shacklebolt, who are people of colour, which sparked controversy for cultural and linguistic errors and racism.

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One person wrote: "Y'all decided to approach a very, very, VERY delicate issue, and instead of handling it with care you tackled it to the ground and set it on fire. How do you make a trans girl in a franchise notoriously owned by a bigot and name her *SIR*ona Ryan," one wrote.

"Cho Chang, Kingsley Shacklebolt type beat cause no way you named a trans woman, sir Ryan," another added.

A third simply wrote: "I'm being completely serious when I say that if you play this game, I don't respect you as a person."

Check out other reactions below.

In conversation with IGN, a representative from Portkey Games, the Hogwarts Legacy game developer, noted that Sirona was added to the game because they wanted to highlight the "rich and diverse world of Harry Potter," and "groups of people who play games," including the LGBT+ community.

Although the statement seems to want to promote more inclusivity for all, it is a bit dicey, given Rowling is perceived as transphobic.

This isn't the first time Hogwarts Legacy faced fire.

Thegame faced criticism and boycott campaigns due to Rowling's anti-trans views, antisemitism and more.

Many people also thought that forking over money on anything Potter-related appears to cosign Rowling's ideology.

Although the author was not involved in the game's creative process, Sirona Ryan still coincides with Rowling tending to choose inconsiderate names for minority characters.

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