People think The Simpsons may have predicted when Stephen Hawking would die

YouTube / Simpsons Best Moments

The world is reeling in shock at the twists and turns of this bizarre decade - but The Simpsons writers can kick back and relax, because apparently they saw it all coming.

From the Trump Presidency to Lady Gaga's performance at the Super Bowl, the identity 2016 Nobel Prize winner to that rogue squirrel at the Winter Olympics, they appear to have foreseen it all.

And it's just getting weird now.

Now, the show seems to have predicted exactly exactly renowned physicist Stephen Hawking, who passed away on 14 March 2018 aged 76, would die.

One person took to Twitter to explain the theory:

In the 1999 episode 'They Saved Lisa's Brain', an animated Hawking performs a rap called 'A Brief History of Rhyme', a play on his famous book.

One fan pointed out that on a chain around his neck was Einstein's famous formula, E = mc2.

So far, so normal. But it gets weird when you clock that Hawking died on Albert Einstein's birthday.

Clearly, The Simpsons knew what was up. Well, that or they were simply paying tribute to another great scientist, but who can know for sure?

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