Homophobic pastors organising Make America Straight Again to coincide with Pride Month

Revival Baptist Church Orlando

Ultra conservative pastors in Orlando are organising a “Make America Straight Again” in the middle of Pride Month and just two days after the third anniversary of the mass shooting which say 49 people killed at the Pulse nightclub.

The conference is taking place on the weekend of the 14th, 15th, and 16th of June.

In a video filled with homophobic statements made by a number of pastors, the conference was announced and Rev. Patrick Boyle, from Revival Baptist Church said the event will “expose the reprobates” and “against the sodomites and the filth that they’ve been spreading in.”

He added: “We’ve chosen this place and time because this is their gay Pride week in Orlando and they’re gonna be out proud of who they are, and daring someone to say something and we’re gonna go ahead and take ‘em up on it.”

What followed is a medley of video clips from pastors spewing homophobic rhetoric and one declaring: "Do you think sodomites are paedophiles? Yes. I do."

‘But weren’t you sad when they died in Orlando?’ No I’m not sad when paedophiles and rapists die. I don’t shed a tear over it.

In another clip, pastor Patrick Boyle ranted: “we’re in church, we’re not supposed to hate anything.”

Well we hate the things God hates Amen, and we love the things God loves. And God hates homos Amen. God hates the f*****s and the queers.

He went on to jeer two people in the audience who had decided after hearing his hate-filled speech that they wanted nothing to do with it. “If you don’t like it – there’s the door. We hate homosexuals around here.”

Orlando pride week is traditionally held in October, however the city is organising events in remembrance of the Pulse club victims.

The church spread the video online including on YouTube, but the church claims the social video sharing platform has been trying to shut it down.

“There’s been attempts to shut our YouTube down.”

They may shut our Facebook down but they’re not shutting the conference down.

Currently there is an event on the church’s Facebook page called ‘Revival Baptist Church commencing on 14 June to 17 June – the same dates as the conference. There are 28 people attending.

The video is not on the Church's Facebook page, but it is unclear why the page hasn't been shut down for hate speech.

Facebook have been contacted for comment.

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