Model shares moment she discovered she was 'dating' her best friend's husband

Model shares moment she discovered she was 'dating' her best friend's husband

Honey Brooks was 'gutted' to learn of her top subscriber's true identity


An Australian model has shared her shock and dismay after she discovered her online “boyfriend” was, in fact, her best friend’s husband.

Honey Brooks opened up about the jaw-dropping revelation in an Instagram reel, lamenting that she had just inadvertently broken up her close pal’s marriage.

In the video, she explained that the man had subscribed to her OnlyFans page around six months ago but, because of the nature of the site – which enables users to adopt pseudonyms and keep all personal information private – she had “no idea” who he was.

Yet, he clearly caught her attention, because within a week he had bought all of her content, which was “absolutely crazy because I have so much,” she said.

“He was online every night, doing what we do at night, and then got to a stage where there was just no more content left for him to buy,” she recalled.

“So he asked if there was a more personalised experience for him to purchase.”

The content creator said the man paid for her to be his 'online girlfriend'(honeybrooksvip/Instagram)

Brooks then revealed that she offers a “girlfriend experience” which, for a hefty sum, enables subscribers to pay her to be their girlfriend “for a week, a month, or however long they want to”.

“It involves priority messaging, doing fun things every night, video calls, basically like an online girlfriend,” she explained.

“So he continues with that package for three months straight, which is such a long time – no one ever normally goes over the month. So he's spending a lot of money and spending a lot of intimate time with me.”

But then, one day, he “disappear[ed] off the face of the planet,” she said. “We go from speaking every single day and then he's just gone [...] I didn’t know if he had died or dropped off the face of the Earth, I was so confused.

“But now this morning it all makes sense. He didn't drop off the face of the earth. He stopped messaging me because his wife found out.”

Brooks then pointed out that not only was the man’s wife one of her best friends, she had also met him “multiple times” and been out on “family dates” with him.

Wrapping up her account of the situation, she said she’d been on the phone all day to her friend.

“She obviously didn't blame me – I explained to her that I had no idea and she assumed that that was the case anyway because I'm not that kind of person,” Brooks said.

Still, she admitted: “I feel absolutely gutted that he's done that to her, that he's done that to me and that this is all a s**t show.”

A day after posting her video monologue, Brooks shared an update with her fans, revealing that the plot had thickened.

She said that the errant husband had now “twisted the whole story” and told his wife that Brooks knew of his identity all along and that she was OK with it.

To top things off, he announced that they “wanted to be together”.

Brooks, who’s in an open marriage herself, explained that she was now preparing to “catch up” with the couple over coffee to straighten things out.

“What is my life?” she asked, adding: “I love my job to death, I really do, but this is a massive downfall.”

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