A hospital accidentally outs the names of workers in an email who didn’t get vaccinated

A hospital accidentally outs the names of workers in an email who didn’t get vaccinated

A Canadian hospital has apologised after the names of staff who have not received a dose of the Covid-19 vaccination were accidentally released via the hospital system.

Last week, the human resources department at the Ottawa Hospital sent out a generated email to staff members who have yet to receive a dose of the vaccine, inviting them to join in on an educational module on the shots.

However, the email did not blur out their email addresses, several media outlets report. Instead, the email addresses appeared in their entirety in the “To” section, which became visible to everyone else on the list.

“An apology and explanation was sent to the staff members affected,” the hospital spokesperson told The Ottawa Citizen.

The spokesperson also told the outlet that the email was immediately withdrawn, and all copies were removed.

Employees of the hospital were expected to have their first dose of the Covid vaccine on September 7, and their second by October 15, The Ottawa Citizen noted.

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“Educating our unvaccinated staff is an important step in that journey. Health-care workers have worked tirelessly to protect our communities throughout the pandemic, and they deserve protection and support to enable them to do their jobs safely and to the best of their abilities.” the hospital said in a statement.

It’s not transparent as to how many hospital staff members were unvaccinated and mentioned in the email.

 But according to CTV News Ottawa, roughly 391 out of the 11,600 staff members might have been named.

indy100 reached out to The Ottawa Hospital for further comment.

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