How people would report on Ivanka Trump if she was a Clinton

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Blatant nepotism and a powerful dynasty is marring politics, and for a change it's not the Clintons.

Presence, and being 'in the room' matters in politics. Ivanka Trump has been involved in President-elect Trump's meetings with the Japanese prime minister and the Argentine president.

Trump promised to handover his business to his children, in the event of victory, in order to avoid a conflict of interest.

If Ivanka is about to inherit the business there is a conflict of interest when she's also attending meetings that will touch upon the coming Trump administration's policy.

One can't help but think cries of 'Crooked Hillary' would be echoing through every television studio if Chelsea Clinton were sitting in on meetings with her mother President-elect Clinton.


If Clinton can be accused of using her position at the state department to solicit donations to the Clinton foundation, it's unreasonable to suggest president-elect Trump cannot be accused of using the presidency to further his business interests.

Discussing the matter on CNN Maria Cardona, a Democratic strategist, slammed the current arrangement for the Trumps:

Can you imagine if Hillary Clinton had won and if Chelsea Clinton was with her at every single meeting that she was having as they were putting the transition in place? Oh my god, there would be hearings! There would be Fox News specials! There would be an independent prosecutor! 

It’s ridiculous the kind of hypocrisy that is happening.

It's usual for presidents to place their assets into a blind trust upon taking office. A blind trust is a when a person (usually a public official) gives over control and management of their investments to an independent individual who cannot receive instructions from the public official.

It allows them to keep their finances at arms length from their political decisions.

It's usually not your family.

Most presidents since Lyndon Johnson have done this, with the exception of president Obama who did not have the kind of assets that a blind trust would effect.

During the presidential campaign Trump told a Fox News debate he would be giving the business to his children, and he wasn't sure if that constituted a blind trust.

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