How police caught the world's vainest criminal suspect

An American woman was so upset by an unflattering mugshot that she turned herself in to police.

Monica Monique Hargrove's photo was posted to Facebook by police in Columbus, Ohio, in connection to an aggravated robbery last month. Within 48 hours, she called them to ask them to take it down, The Huffington Post reports.

"This is a first for us. She really didn't want her face out there for everyone to see," a spokesperson for the Columbus Police Department said.

"She contacted the detective listed on the Facebook post and said, 'Hey, I want my picture down'," they continued. "[The detective] said, 'Come on in and we'll talk about it.'." She did, and was arrested.

The mugshot in question was from a previous arrest and Fox News reports Ms Hargrove is now in jail after being indicted on kidnapping and robbery charges.

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