This chicken is enormous and the internet is freaking out

left: iStock/Getty Images, right: Twitter Screengrab

Before you get in a flap, learn the truth about this huge chicken that's terrorising your timelines.

The video shows the head of a chicken appear out of a hen house.

The rest of it emerges and it's huge.

The Daily Telegraphnames the chicken as Merakli.

Merakli is a 'Brahma' chicken, a special American breed which can weigh as much as 18 lbs.

So high up in the pecking order of oversized beasties is this chicken, that some doubt the video is genuine.

According toMashable, the oldest existing post of the video appeared on Friday, on a Facebook page (above) devoted to massive chickens.

Of course, only one farming broadcaster comes to mind.

HT USA Today

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