Hugh Grant has been out campaigning before Christmas and it's basically real-life Love Actually
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Hugh Grant has been going door-to-door on the campaign trail and it’s reminding people of Love Actually.

But this time he's not chasing his secretary to declare his love in time for Christmas, he just wants the Tories out of Number 10.

Grant has been spotted out campaigning alongside Labour-turned-Lib Dem candidates Luciana Berger and Chuka Umunna, as well as independent Dominic Grieve.

Yet some people are confused as to why Grant would canvas with the Lib Dems, having never really supported them before.

And when they tried to claim his campaign efforts as an endorsement for their party, he wasn't having any of it.

A fan of tactical voting, it seems Grant will back any candidate he thinks is best placed to beat the Conservatives. He's also been very vocal about his support for Remain and wants to keep the UK from leaving the EU.

Grant has been out campaigning in London marginals like Finchley and Golders Green where Luciana Berger is fighting to keep her seat from Conservative candidate Mike Freer. Some polls put Freer 10 points ahead of Berger.

He has also been spotted alongside Chuka Umunna, another defector from Labour to the Lim Dems, who is standing in Cities of London and Westminster.

Umunna hopes to keep his seat from Conservative Nickie Aiken and Labour's Gordon Nardell.

With 22 days to go until Christmas and nine until the election, it remains to be seen whether this Christmas wish will be Grant-ed.

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